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Over 100 years ago, the Highland Chamber of Commerce was founded upon the leading economic industry of the time, agriculture.

Agriculture brings mankind and planet earth into a relationship requiring stewardship, care, planning, effort, a little bit of luck, and perseverance. 

As business cycles changed and American ingenuity affected process, the Highland business landscape slowly moved away from mostly agriculture and toward what we now recognize as service industries. 

Although the leading industry has changed, the same amount of stewardship, care, planning, effort, a little bit of luck, and perseverance are still necessary to succeed.

Today we recognize how these qualities are connected to the people we need to succeed. Our network (employees, customers, elected leaders, neighbors, peers) requires our stewardship, care, planning, effort, and perseverance, along with a bit of luck. 

One aim of the Highland Area Chamber of Commerce is to assist our members in building their network by introducing members to new customers, elected leaders, and fellow business owners to share common bonds and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.

With 100 years of experience, the Highland Area Chamber of Commerce works to support the membership and promote the City of Highland. 

The Chamber is formed with the specific purpose of establishing and maintaining an association of businesses, organizations, and persons interested in:

1) promoting the commercial, industrial, and civic welfare for all people of the Highland area; 

2) creating a positive business climate; 

3) sponsoring and encouraging the production/distribution of goods/services and the creation of jobs in the Highland area; 

4) advancing the economic, educational, cultural, and civic vitality of the Highland area; 

5) promoting and providing programs relevant to the members needs; 

6) supporting a high quality of life in the community; and 

7) representing members on city, county, state, and national legislative and political affairs.

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  • Creating a Strong Local, Vibrant Economy
  • Providing Networking Opportunities
  • Promoting the Community
  • Representing the Interests of Business
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